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Our Memories

PFE has traveled near and far over the last five decades. These are some of our highlights throughout the years.


Saskatoon, Spring 2021

We recently had the pleasure of collaborating with Karen Pidskalny Photography for a special Vyshyvanka Day project! This project is dedicated to our city's river landscape, from the ancestors to all future generations.


Saskatoon, Spring 2021


Saskatoon, Winter 2021

Throughout the pandemic, PFE has had to learn how to adapt to various challenges, whether that was through virtual practices or finding different ways to host practice. We were fortunate that mother nature cooperated with us to have a practice on the ice.

Thanks to the Ukrainian Canadian Congress Hromada Legacy Fund of Saskatchewan's Special Pandemic Funding, we have been able to continue our rehearsals online, in person, and through these fun activities.

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Ivana Kupala is the most magical and colourful celebration of the summer solstice.

On this enchanted evening, one can look into their future and see their romantic destiny. 

Young maidens would weave vinky (wreaths) then place or toss them into the river.

Many believe that its behaviour in the water would reflect their future romantic relations.

“What will happen to my vinok?” the youthful girls would wonder. “Where will the water take it? Far, far away from me? (Meaning her future husband would come from afar) Or will it return to the riverbank from whence it was thrown? (Meaning she would marry someone local)

Will it break apart? (Meaning a broken relationship) Or will it sink? (Meaning someone’s death)

Flow my wreath, flow calmly and smoothly. Flow to my lad and tell him of my love…”


Saskatoon, Summer 2020

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Saskatoon, June 2020