PFE is excited to announce that we will be holding our spring auditions on May 31, 2020. We're getting ready for an exciting season filled with new projects and we want you to join in on the fun! 


Our spring auditions will look a bit different this year due to COVID-19 regulations. You have the choice of an individual studio audition or an online audition. 


To register, please fill out our registration form before May 24. 


Studio Audition – May 31, 1:00 pm

If you prefer to do an individual audition in the studio, we will be creating a schedule prior to the audition. Each dancer will have 15 minutes to demonstrate their dance knowledge. You will receive your time slot shortly after the registration deadline. We will be hosting one dancer in the studio at a time starting at 1:00pm.


Online Audition – May 31, 12:00 noon

If you prefer to do an online audition, you will receive a link to audition tutorials with barre exercises and dance combinations for you to learn shortly after the registration deadline. You will also receive the invitation link for the online auditions with more details.


Before the audition, make sure you have internet excess and a device with a camera. Please prepare a dance space where you can demonstrate the exercises you learned during the past week. If space does not allow, please modify the steps to ensure your safety. Some substitutes for a dance barre include a chair, table, hand railing, counter, etc. Make sure to do a proper warm up before logging into the audition.


Good luck and see you there! 


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